About PATH

PATH is an Australian consulting company specialising in composites, plastics, coatings and rubbers. We work predominantly in industrial environments with tanks, pipes and process equipment. PATH has Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation Insurance. ABN 50138504757.


PATH is owned by Lucy Baker (Cranitch) who has a bachelor of science and a PhD in polymer chemistry. Lucy has 20 years of experience working in industry including resin manufacturing and consulting businesses. This background gives a firm technical base to the solutions but most importantly drives work to be practical. Through PATH’s good network of laboratories and registered professional engineers you can also have access to a wider range of services managed by PATH. 

Industries Served

In environments where salts or chemicals are used, traditional materials such as steel and concrete are prone to corrosion. In these environments composites, rubbers and plastics often provide a durable and more cost effective option. Examples are desalination plants and water and wastewater treatment plants where salty water, hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid are present and composite and plastic materials are used for storage tanks and pipelines. Other examples are minerals processing companies where acids are used for leaching of ore and thus composite, rubber and plastic materials are used for process equipment. In chemical plants such as the manufacture of fertilizer, corrosive chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and thus process vessels are made from composite, rubber and plastic materials.

Typical Project Types

1.    Appraisal of service environment to enable material selection, reliability assessment and technical specification.

2.    Inspection and testing of current condition and determination of remedial and protective measures for industrial assets. Testing can be onsite and online.

3.    Testing and failure analysis of tanks, pipes and other equipment.